Sunday, August 19, 2012

W.F. Stewart Factory #4

This story is from the September 1908 issue of the trade journal "The Hub".

I have never posted these two photos before. This photo facing south-west from what appears to be the third floor of Buick factory #01 would be prior to 1907. Notice all the air drying lumber where factory #08 garage will shortly be built. That is Hamilton Avenue running east and west.

This photo facing north-west was taken from the roof of the Stewart plant in 1910.

The corner of Industrial and Hamilton Avenue. This was the plant that built the early Buick open body's. This view is facing south-east from in front of the Industrial Savings Bank. Notice the shadow falling across the west wall of the factory; that is the shadow from the #4 Oak Park fire station.

Industrial and Hamilton.
Factory #4 Postcard Showing Bank
Weston Mott & Industrial Bank
Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1915.
Industrial and Hamilton Showing Oak Park Subdivision
The W.F. Stewart Factories In Flint.
W.F. Stewart Factory 4 & Buick Garage #08.
W.F. Stewart Factory #4.
W.F. Stewart Inside + Postcard
Factory #08
HellCat Tank Training & Engineering 1943.
Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1913

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