Monday, August 13, 2012

First Iron Poured In Factory #20 Foundry.

November 1915 from Steam magazine.

This unique commemorative plaque from the first "Buick built" foundry #20 is owned by John Stork. I have never seen another of these before. I was excited when John sent me this photo. He does not know of any family connection to the Buick plants in Flint but did state that his Great Grandfather was one of the founders of the short lived Lion Motor Car Company of Adrian, Michigan. Either way we now know the exact date that the foundry went into operation. It is always a treat to have an exact date for when these historic old factories went into production because so much history gets lost and forgotten.

Link for the more common plaques and the Lion history:
Factory #70/#71a The Lion Motor Company Lion Factory Fire

Factory #20 was located at the crossroads of Buick which was Division Street and Leith Street. Division was not open to public traffic and was solely a Buick street. Leith was named Oakland at the time the #20 foundry was built. You can super enlarge just about any photo on this blog for viewing small details. The way this is done is a little different depending on which browser is used.

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The factory description for this factory never varied from start to finish.


Factory #20 The Buick Foundry Leith Street Revisited.

Factory #20

Buick 1932

Charles Nash Testing Vehicle

Factory #20 Foundry Inside

Factory #20 Foundry

Michigan Motor Casting Company Factory #70 Raw Casting

Factory #70 Before 1953

Factory #70 Core Room

Block Grinding In Factory #70

Factory #70 Engine Block Pouring

Factory #70 POTS

Factory #70

Leftovers From The 2011 Demolition.

Buick Powertrain North Site Demolition

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