Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Buick Bug.

Louis Chevrolet and his "Buick Bug".

Bob Burman in his "Buick Bug".

Louis Chevrolet and Bob Burman in their "Buick Bugs". Shown below is the original un-retouched photo showing the grandstands at Indy still under construction.

Louis Chevrolet after an accident in his "Buick Bug".

The Bug at the Howard showroom.

This is in San Francisco during the early '20s after it was rescued from a barn at Bob Burman's widows farm. C.S.Howard had it stored at his San Francisco dealership for some years where it was seen by Buick engineer Charley Chayne who restored it at Buick engineering in Flint, eventually it was turned over for display at the Sloan and Buick Gallery in Flint, Michigan.
Link for story.

The Buick bug in White.

Two midget Buick racers.

An early magazine ad showing Bob Burman in his Bug.

Special "60" specs.

Louis Chevrolet in his Bug. The only surviving Bug is "Wild" Bob Burman's car. It was rescued from his widows barn in the early '20s.

The "Bug" on it's way to a show

Here's a rare shot of the "Buick Bug" painted white.

This is the Buick "Bug" at the Sloan Museum in Flint Michigan.

This view facing north east shows factory #04 body receiving behind the Buick Bug in 1971.

This photo of the Buick Bug shows A.C. in the background in 1971.This view from the Main Office parking lot is facing southeast.

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