Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Factory #40/bldg 16 1978

This line in factory #40 on the second floor is near the area called the "Hairpin". The racks you see behind the woman are condenser racks. This was the place I worked in 1982. The woman in this photo was in my department installing hood insulation at that time. After the vehicle made the "Hairpin" turn at the south wall it then went down "Derby Hill" to the first floor. In the distance a little off center was the material control office which had two floors. The first floor was for the clerk and supervisor. The second was where the 24 hour a day poker games were played. I remember one game in particular that went on three days straight with the pot in the thousands. A few workers lost their paychecks that week. In the Buick City day's the poker games took place over in "OLD" factory #40 between the tire & wheel area and exhaust build-up. High stakes games could always be found at Buick. There is a pit three stations before this one that I also supplied the parts for. One very peculiar man worked in this pit. He would not speak to anyone and during lunch and break he would climb out and stand next to the aisle, with hands at his side as if at attention. He would stare straight ahead with not even the slightest movement. Then, when break or lunch was over he would return to his pit without speaking a single word. I was warned about him, but tried to speak to him anyway, "with no luck". I think maybe he was a Vietnam veteran that seen some action but I'm not sure. I met so many interesting people during my years with General Motors, some stick in my mind more than others.

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