Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Factory #04 Second Floor Pit

This is the pit I worked in for 6 months in 1976 before going into the materials group #88. My feelings about this job were a little different than this worker. He states that this was the best job he has had. Which tells you his previous jobs were pretty bad. This job consisted of inserting and tightening the lower front fender bolts, hooking up the emergency brake cable, placing a dial gauge on the cable then bringing the tension up to spec. Cockroaches and mice were your constant companion in the pit. I had one woman that had a legal prescription for marijuana fall into the pit one day. She fell on the fan and required 37 stitches. After that she had to be relieved to smoke her joints. The thing that made it good for the rest of us was the fact that we could smoke ours over behind the escalator and not be detected by the smell.  I still have my cassette recorder that was used in this pit back in 1976 out in my barn. I even have the special mix tapes I used back then. I guess I'm what is called a "Hoarder".

Factory #40 1983  

This almost looks like me doing my job only this is 17 years earlier.

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