Friday, March 19, 2010

Memories Before Buick City

This view looking north up Division street during the running of the Olympic torch in 1984 through the Buick complex shows old factory #40 in the distance (at right) just getting it's new dock constructed. The  familiar entrance that survived from 1920 was now gone. 

Shown below in factory #04 (in the background) is the old stairwell and elevator at the north-end. This view is facing south-east. These structures were removed for Buick City.

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David Schneder said...

I love this picture of my father, it was just like it was yesterday, my father had 47 1/2 yrs. at Buick City, and 10 yrs. of his retirement he passed away 3-4-00 I miss him so much!!!!!!

His Son: David Schneder 2-23-13