Thursday, November 25, 2010

Army Air Force Technical Training

Erwin Seneca Smith 1916-1987 shown in uniform above and also below, in the group photo of his graduating class in Flint, Michigan.

Terey Smith Shelor sent these photos which show her father's graduating class in Flint, Michigan on March 6, 1943. This photo was taken at the main entrance of the I.M.A auditorium. The school located in factory #17 on Hamilton Avenue and Saint John Street (now known as James P. Cole blvd.) had different titles. Popular Mechanics called it "Buick College Of War". The Air Force called it "Engine Specialist School At Pratt & Whitney Engine Division Of Buick Motors". Whatever the name, after about 2700 mechanics graduated, the school was disbanded. There were fifty students admitted each week for the eleven week course. Graduation ceremonies would take place on Saturday morning. According to the book "The City Of Flint Grows Up" these were "colorful" ceremonies. Terey said her father was stationed in England and his nick name was "Smitty".

Factory #17 Southeast Corner 1923

Factory #17 1923

Inside Factory #17 War Work

Factory #17 Truck And Customer Service

Factory #28 #17 & #94 Demolition 2000

World War II Advertising

Liberator Engine work at Buick.

Friends in England

World War II Archeology in England

Buick At It's Battle Stations Factory #17-b and #17 Training School WWII

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