Wednesday, November 2, 2011

David Dunbar Buick 1891 -1921

David Buick and his longtime partner in the plumbing trade. This story is from 1891.                              

Author & historian: Kevin Kirbitz just sent along this 1894 photo of David Buick when he was President and General Manager of the Buick & Sherwood manufacturing company in Detroit. Located at the corner of Champlain and Meldrum in Detroit, Michigan in 1899.

Here is better copy of the photo below, that I just received from author: Kevin Kirbitz. This photo is found in their new book.

I had found this photo a while back for sale on E-bay, but was reluctant to post it because of the strange context in which he appears. Well I just purchased the new (second edition) book "David Buick's Marvelous Motor Car" by Lawrence Gustin and Kevin Kirbitz and seen they had used it. So that is enough confirmation for me. This is from the Chicago Tribune archives and was dated July 11, 1921.  Oil story by David Buick.

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