Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Factory #06 Assembly

This north-west view from Division Street is showing axles being unloaded at the south dock of factory #06. The bridge (at the left) is going to factory #01. The date is September 24, 1921.

Showing engine installation in factory #06 either during 1917 or 1918.

This west facing view across the Pere Marquette rail line shows the location of factory #06 October 15, 1920.

This view taken from the Varnish factory across Hamilton Avenue shows factory #06 trailing off at the far right.

The same scene as shown below only in 1947. This is where I first worked at Buick and also the last. This is also where my video of Buick was made in 1995.

This north facing view shows the demolition of the original factory #06 in 1946.
This is where I entered on my first day of work Oct. 09, 1972. (The small side door). This is the, new, #40.

This is the northern section of the building above. The bridge at right across Division St. is #43 .

Here is the , new, sheet metal plant #04. That is the Oak Park entrance at left.

That is the #04 south shipping and receiving dock, at right,  where I was the day shift clerk from 1981 to 1982.
This is around 1938. Link: Complete 1946 Buick Magazine.

Location of factory #06. This would be the future site of building #16 or new factory #40, where I first entered a Buick factory, and always considered home.

The receiving area for the radial engine of the M-18 Hellcat tank in factory #06.

Assembling the bogey wheels on an M-18 Hellcat tank in 1943 in factory #06.

Court Yard Between Factory #06 and #07.

Division Street

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Factory #06 Assembly

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