Sunday, January 13, 2008

Buick 1911

Here is the original factory whistle from the power house #14 ,razed in 1972, and time clock from the Buick in 1910. I took these photos at the Sloan Museum in Flint. The whistle was located at the 2nd ,#14, powerhouse.

Looking west on St. Johns Street which is James P. Cole Blvd. now. They are just turning onto Hamilton Avenue.   
In  six more years this will be the Varnish Works.

This wider early 1909 view of Buick is facing north west. It shows at lower left the Armstrong Manufacturing Co.(springs), north of that is the Flint Water works where Billy Durant worked early in his career. Across St John st. is the Flint Varnish works. Far left center is Stewart factory #3 for body's. Above that to the right is Stewart #4, next to that to the east on Hamilton Avenue is the Buick garage #08. Across from Stewart #4 is Weston Mott, to the north of that is the Michigan Motor Casting plant later bought by Buick. The middle factory is Buick #01 with their office located in front on Hamilton Ave. Then Division st. running off to the north. Across Division is the Imperial Wheel Co. later bought by Buick. To the north of factory #01 along Division st. is factory #06 Assembly. Next to #06 just west is #07 Assembly. Then next to and west is #10 assembly with the first Buick power plant between #01 and #10.

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