Monday, January 14, 2008

Buick City Building Designations

The combined factories of Buick City were known as Factory #86. The tank farm was where the chemicals for the paint shop were off loaded, held in tanks then piped to the appropriate places. Factory #44 built in 1974 was the paint dept. Factory #84 was still division #78 Engineering. Old #40 first floor was the tire and wheel room, with the other 3 floors belonging to maintenance. New #40 first floor north end was engine dress, midway south was the body marriage, the south end was all the other things like car pamphlets, floor mats, and front and rear fascia's. From there the car proceeded to the second floor for all it's trim, tires /wheels and such then back down to the first floor, before either going to repair or the final audit. The cars were then reloaded onto a carrier for the long overhead trip to the first floor, north west corner of factory #94 for shipping either by truck or rail. The second floor of #40 was always like my home away from home. At the end we were just considered another trim department, the second floor was connected by four bridges, 2 going to factory #04 and one that crossed Division st. going to factory #02 plus one going to old #40. You could also go all the way over the tracks to #94 second floor or to truck repair in factory #17, you could also exit onto Division st. At the end of Buick City our fork truck repair was located on the second floor factory#02. Factory #44 first floor when first built was the engine line but after Buick City was created the first floor was all large tanks filled with primer which the cars body was submerged in. The second floor was (mostly) robots spraying paint. The first floor of factory #04 was where the seats and other interior parts came together, with the second floor south-end being the sealer line. The north end was another trim dept, with the extreme north end for management office's. The third floor was mostly where the cars just ran around kind of in a holding pattern until they were sent to final assembly, with the north west corner being the Buick crib/stores. The fourth floor may have still contained the ovens but I don't remember. The body shop #12 was where the Robogate was located, then what was called the five line were smaller presses but still huge for stamping numerous smaller parts. The #12c annex was the home of the giant presses, welders, side buildup, floor buildup, doors, hoods, deck-lids, everything you can imagine. Annex #12c still had an inside rail dock. Factory #02 first floor south-end was for welding operations (day shift only), the north-end for fascia storage(where I worked), the old train shed, was for A.G.V. setup (automated guided vehicle). Factory #29 was from start to finish the tool makers plant. Old factory #11 was now #31, building oil and water pumps but previous to Buick City was the axle plant and before that the famous engine plant. That building still survives. Factory #85 was now used just for metallurgy and we held meetings there on different matters. Buick personnel had the hospital and fire department on the first floor. The Union hall is self explanatory. Last but not least Oak Park is still surviving even today.

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Gregory said...

I was the Engineer that converted Old #40 North End to the Engine Dress Assembly Line. I was impressed by the team work of the GM-UAW group from manufacturing that I worked with during the conversion. I was also impressed by both the UAW Skilled tradesman and contractors efforts. I am sorry to see the plant go.
Greg Phillips