Sunday, January 13, 2008

Buick Factory Designations

 First is #1 body receiving & paint, #2 final Shipping, #3 drop forge, #5 enamel shop, #6 final assembly, #7 final assembly, #8 new car sales and publications, #9 new car final prep., #10 final assembly, #11 engines, #12 sheet metal, #14 power house, #15 die shop, #16 maintenance & stores, but early on was were the Buick Model 14 was built. The top floor was the soft top shop, #17 truck maintenance, #28 originally small parts but later for storage, I went in there once in the seventies and found numerous experimental Buick's from all different years covered with tarps. update: Kevin Kirbitz (author & Historian) confirmed this to me and stated they were on the 3rd floor of #28. One in particular I remember was a four wheel drive station wagon with electric motors for the front wheels (I wonder what happened to them all?). Now #29 is the tool makers, #31-32 & 33 Axles, #34 hubs and axle's, #38 hospital and personal welfare, (early on this was a foundry). Next #40 transmissions. This factory I knew well I have many story's from my time there. It was said that it was as deep in the ground as it was high above it (4 floors above) but the basements were almost always flooded. One time in the 80's when the water was partially drained for maintenance I went two floors down and the stairs still went down into the water so this story is probably true. Also rumored was that the bench's were still set up with parts for the liberty aircraft engine work during WWII, but I did not see any of this and it was pretty creepy down there. Now on to #62 the area between factories #10 and #07. It was roofed over when the combined factories became #62 (The Unified Assembly Plant), with 3 lines assembling cars at one time. Buick #65 was the personnel building built around 1927. This building was turned over to the city when Buick no longer required it. The new sheet metal plant #04 was built in 1947. Engineering is #78, "there were two places with this designation" on opposite sides of Hamilton Avenue. The one on the south side connected to #08 was also where management from the main office would sign out vehicles. After WWII tank transmission work went on in there. The factory designated #78 (on the north side) of Hamilton ave, in the old Imperial Wheel plant even kept this designation after being demolished and replaced. And last, #85 where I hired into Buick, October 9th,1972. This was the personnel dept. and Metallurgy plant.

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