Saturday, January 19, 2008

Buick Powerhouse five Views

Here's a photo taken from factory #11 in 1934.

Here is a view from the roof of factory #11 in the 30's.

The view is looking east up Leith street. Expandable version.

This view of the Buick Powerhouse (built in 1920) is looking north-east across Division st. you can see the original Buick foundry (factory #20) just north across Leith st. Buick was in the process of tearing this structure down the day I hired in Oct. 09, 1972. It's designation was building #14.

Here you see the cooling pond along Division st. located adjacent to the powerhouse. You can see the train-shed and shipping plant #02 at the left. This view is from the powerhouse facing south.

Buick Power House.

Powerhouse #14

Buick Powerhouse five Views

Buick Powerhouse Inside

Factory #20 The Buick Foundry

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