Monday, January 7, 2008

Division street Buick 50's / 90's

This is the same view as the one from 1997 only in the 50's and about 200 feet north. This is the powerhouse with #02/#08 in the distance. The ramp in the distance is also visible in the 97 photo except that the lower half had been removed. My friend Kip Davis lost control of a fork truck on this ramp once during a rainstorm, in which he then bailed out as the truck went over the side. When I hired in this ramp went to the second floor pilot assembly area.

This view on Division street shows factory #40 building #16 north end at right and factory #08 building #02 on left. Building #02 was built in 1917 and was the old train shed used originally for new car shipping. The part visible in this photo was built as a single story with the large sheds located to the east. The first bridge #43 over Division street was for the car carriers transporting finished vehicles overhead to factory #94 new car shipping. The second bridge was for Wheeled vehicles going either to factory #02 or #94. When you enlarge this photo you will notice (a red sign) on building #16 factory #40 above the second truck to the right, that is backed into the dock. The line of window's above this sign show's two exhaust fans. Now just between those two fans you will notice a light colored area. This was where my friend Greg Lamay accidentally knocked out a set of window's with his fork lift truck. The frame landed on top of a truck being unloaded at the dock. Instead of putting the window's back, they just filled this area in with sheet metal. There are a million story's in people's minds from this place called Buick.

 follow the link for bridge #43

Buick City Bridge #43

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