Thursday, January 17, 2008

Factory #07 Seat Stuffing

Article from the Wolverine Citizen announcing factory #07 is almost ready for production.  April 18, 1908 article link.

Here is an original seat complete with horse hair stuffing.

Here you can see the seat cushions being stuffed in factory #07.
Factory #07 was the Buick trim Shop where the interior was put in the body. The third floor was where the women that worked production, cut and sewed the seats with the men working two lines to avoid slowdowns. They stuffed the pleats in the seats with horsehair. The same men who did the stuffing "on one line" would then just walk over to the other and continue stuffing seats while another group of men removed them by running them along rails and setting up more body's for the stuffer's. This dance went on "over and over", "round and round". The first floor was where the new model 10 was assembled. Some say that was the car that made Buick. It was called "Cute as a bug and twice as quick". This factory was originally planned for building the "Janney"car which was going to be a small and cheap alternative to the more expensive Buick. As things turned out; the Janney simply became the model 10.
June 20, 1907.

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