Saturday, January 19, 2008

Factory #15 Die And Pattern Shop

Here is the "UN-retouched" photo from The Buick Research Gallery in Flint, Michigan.

This view of factory #15 (facing north across Leith st.) shows the Die and Pattern shop for Buick. I never went in there because it was kind of off the beaten path. This building was removed at the same time as #85 around 2005. This photo from an original Buick publication in 1923 was heavily retouched, because the original shows one door knocked off and the grass was not that nice on the slope also the man on the sidewalk is now holding a pipe. I guess they did not want people to think that a man could just walk down a sidewalk unless he had something in his hands. You always had to look busy at General Motors or they thought you were goofing off "JEEZ".

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