Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hamilton Avenue Early 1909

This view is looking east down Hamilton Avenue. In the right foreground is the W.F. Stewart body plant #4 which would eventually be bought by Buick. The cross street is Industrial Avenue. Beyond factory #4 is Buick factory #08 built in 1908 which was used for early factory sales of automobiles & Buick publications. In the left foreground is the Weston - Mott factory and beyond that in order is Buick factory #01, then the Buick main office followed by, Imperial Wheel, in the distance directly in the path of Hamilton avenue is the "Flint Axle Works" which supplied parts for other auto & carriage makers in Flint. follow the link for information on Flint Motor Axle Company

Walker Weiss Axle Company

e Company

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