Saturday, January 12, 2008

National Defense Day At Buick.

Flag raising at factory #11.

This story in the Buick factory paper from September 5, 1924 explains the "Old Glory" gathering shown below.

In this photo taken from the roof of the Union Industrial Bank you can see first, the old factory #4 W.F. Stewart plant. Then farther east is the #08 garage. You can see that they had built temporary bleachers and speakers podium for a big event.
Link: Old Glory.

Detail of postcard below.

Clear view of #08 garage.

Far left facing west at the corner of Industrial Avenue and Hamilton Avenue is the old W.F.Stewart factory which supplied early Buick body's, later bought by Buick. Below that is the Weston Mott Axle plant right across the street on the north side of Hamilton Avenue. At top right is the Buick garage which is just east of the body shop on Hamilton Avenue. The bottom right is another view facing east of the Buick garage.

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