Friday, January 11, 2008

Commonwealth Power Company

Article from "Electrical World" about the Au Sable river dam project.   Link here for more information.

The million-dollar plant of the "Commonwealth Power Company". This plant was used to transfer the one hundred and forty thousand voltage (brought  overland) from the Au Sable river. The power was then used to furnish electricity for commercial and domestic purposes, including the operation of all factories, plus the city streetcar lines. St. John street is in the foreground. This view is facing north east.
This building #60 built in 1913 was used for bringing water from the Flint river that was used in various facilities located at Buick. This view is facing west. It is dated August 26, 1921. The structure behind it is the "Commonwealth Power Company" Located on St. Johns Street (James P. Cole blvd. now) shown below. This was located directly north of the old Flint Axle plant. You can see a small portion of factory #28 at the left--in the distance.  
 Link for the story of the power house: Commonwealth Power Company Genesee County History from 1916 Link for a view of the power plant from factory #28: Factory #28 Buick On The Roof 2

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