Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leftovers From The 2011 Demolition.

Looking directly south towards downtown Flint, Michigan. This view is from the roof of factory #05 in August of 2011. Looks awfully bare now.

Same view as below, only panned farther right.

Factory #10 (shown below) taken from Division Street. Factory #05 is on the left.

Here were looking in the exact opposite direction of the photo below. This demolition photo of factory #10, the famous world War II aluminum plant, is viewed from the roof of factory #05 during the summer of 2011. Viewed north-east.

This south-west view at factory #10 shows the turn off road mentioned in the bottom two photos. The gas pumps we filled up at are located at the roofed over structure shown at the right. This road went all the way to #38 warehouse located at the extreme north-end of the Buick property. Building #38 was originally built for engine emissions testing.

Looking north at factory #03, you are on the turn off from Division Street described below.

Factory #31 on the left with #81 on the right. The skeleton of factory #03 is seen off right center. Some of factory #05 and #10 can be seen in the extreme distance, plus the cultural & Diversity Center . The turn off from Division Street is shown at the right where factory #81 has that familiar bend on it's north-west corner. This is the route you took to get to factory #10 east and #36 engine plant and also #38 Warehouse.

Traveling north up Division Street with factory #31 on the left and factory #81 on the right. I drove this route many times.

Looking west at factory #81 south truck dock on the right. This was the grey Iron foundry until 1981 and was known as factory #70. The north-end of factory #31 is seen in the distance beyond Division Street. This area of factory #31 was a later addition to the original factory #11 engine factory which is considered the first factory built after the creation of General Motors in 1908.

Looking east at factory #81.

Peeking through factory #31 with factory #81 south dock in the distance.

Looking north east through the gutted remains of factory #31. Industrial Avenue is on the left.

Building #38 Warehouse

Factory Designations

Factory #70 Engine Block Pouring

Factory #31 During Construction

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