Friday, August 27, 2010

Industrial and Hamilton Avenue

Looking north from Hamilton Avenue with the Buick axle factories #31, 32 and 33 along Industrial Avenue. Factory #38 is visible in the far distance. The first part of this factory (until the roof height changes) was the original Weston-Mott axle factory built in 1906. In 1906 just the front portion was a two story structure. The part running along Industrial was but a single floor factory at that time. The center section remained a single floor factory with just the east and west wings being built with a second floor. The new door added off to the right of the truck parked near the sign, was, 'I believe' where you hired in at one time. Beginning in 1940 the new axle factory #31 was built at the corner of Leith street and Industrial Avenue. It was built on the site of old factory #16 demolished in 1939. This photo is dated April 3, 1934.
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Inside Weston-Mott

Weston Mott 1906-1910

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