Monday, January 7, 2008

Division street During 100 Years.

Here is a 1922 advertisement for "Cyclone Fence" that is mentioned below.

This is a close-up of the photo directly below, taken during demolition. This is a frame from the film on the Buick demolition by: Leonard Thygesen

Division street 90 years apart. Both photos are looking north from the same location on Hamilton avenue, looking up Division Street. The bottom one is from around 1910 and shows a simple fence made out of wood. This was later replaced with a fence made of common pipe. During the early twenty's "cyclone fence" with barbed wire went up all around the Buick property. In the photo above that, the first bridge you see (crossing from old factory #40) went all the way over to factory #04. This bridge also contained several different monorails over the years, hauling everything from body's (Riviera) to fenders and hoods and also tires and wheels and exhaust systems.

Division street looking north showing "two" factory 40's. Old 40, built during 1919-1920 is on the right and new 40/bldg. #16 on the left, built during 1946-1947. The first bridge in this picture (connecting the two buildings) was for wheeled vehicles. The structure jutting out from the left was the medical department on the first level, cafeteria on the second. The next bridge contained two monorail lines, bringing exhaust systems and tire and wheels to the assembly plant (on the left). The last bridge in the far distance was another vehicle bridge which connected with factory #02 and then proceeded all the way to factory #94 over bridge #23. You could also exit onto Division Street from this bridge. I took this photo from my enclosed work truck in 1997. 1993 90th anniversary story.

Buick medical link 1967.

Demolition View 2012
Factory #06 Assembly
Factory #40 A Trip Through Time.

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