Friday, January 11, 2008

Buick Racing Team

Overview of the Buick camp during the 1908 Savannah race.

Buick factory racing team driver Charles Ewing Easter at the 1908 Savannah Race. Easter and his riding mechanic were nearly killed on the 13th lap when a rear wheel separated from the axle, causing the car to flip over and wreck.

Walter Marr in Savannah, Georgia with the Buick race team. Marr is the man with the very long duster and beard. I believe that is Billy Durant at the far left. Durant was on hand at many of these early races.
Notice Walter Marr at right.       Original.
Indianapolis 1910.    Original.

               This view looking south east with Mott factory #4 (later changed to Buick #34), The Imperial wheel factory and The Flint Varnish Works in the distance shows a 1910 Model 17 racer which I believe were being built in Saginaw Michigan at that time. "Wild Bob" Burman at the wheel , Louie Chevrolet seated next to him, Lewis Strang near tire and Chief Buick engineer Walter Marr 5th from right with beard looking away.

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