Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Almost A Memory 2-21-2012

Looking south-west from Selby and Stewart.

Looking south-east at the north-east corner of factory #05 being demolished. Leonard said this was 5:00 PM

It's on the news "quite often" now about homes and businesses being stripped (illegally) for salvage. You can see that these homes have already been stripped. This view of homes on Grant Street is going on all over Flint. And as we see theLinkdemolition going on in the background, it is not only confined to the factories. My youngest daughter lives only a few miles from here. Leonard says: FLINT AFTER NAFTA...

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Looking east up Stewart Avenue.

Leonard Thygesen stated this was 12:45 PM. This is the north-west corner of #05. Facing east. "This is a real nice closeup Leonard".

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