Friday, February 17, 2012

Stewart and Selby Gate 2012.

There were two factories built in Flint during 1951-1953 for building components for the J65 Sapphire jet engine in support of the Korean war. The other one besides this one was north of Coldwater road, that later became a Division of Ternstedt. This view of building #43 that became #05 is facing south-west viewed across Stewart Avenue. The assembly plant was in Chicago, just as the Liberator was built there during World War II. This photo is from Don Bent's book: A Place Called Buick.

Leonard Thygesen sent this update for today. Dated 2-17-2012 11:45 am. This view is facing west. It won't be long now, factory #05 looks pretty well gutted. 

Buick Powertrain North Site Demolition Factory #05 Machine Work

J-65 Jet Engine

Buick Northend


tbesiak said...

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Buick Dealer Minneapolis said...

Amazing to see how the plant has changed since the 50's; there was a lot of activity going on back then in order to get everything built.

Gerry Godin said...

Yes it is a sad time in Flint these days. Quite a change from the past.