Saturday, January 19, 2008

Factory #03 Lombardi And Fusi

Forge workers 1912. This photo was labeled Lombardi's and Fusi's at the Buick Co. Tony Lombardi is circled. Read his story at age 95 below.
Tony Lombardi's memories at 95 in 1986.

Here's another view inside of the forge shop from the teens.

This view is facing north.

 This view is facing east looking across Industrial Avenue from Rankin Street. This is all a parking lot now and abandoned. The factories in the background are in order front to back factory #12 the sheet metal and brass works at that time. Beyond that is factory #05 the Buick enameling plant. The taller structure in the background is the forge shop #03 where Joe Lombardi would  have worked. His wife is Maria (Fusi) and the little boy is Guido (Guy). 

This view of the Buick Drop Forge is looking north west from Division st. from the location of the Buick gas station. At the extreme left you can see factory #05 with its bridge in view. Factory #03 lasted until the remodel in 1963. This is the future site of the factory #12c annex.

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