Sunday, March 2, 2008

Factory #40/bldg 16

This was my department in factory #40 in 1972 and then again in 1982. This view is facing (north) on the first floor of factory #40 at the north end. The view below would be the same spot as this photo after the creation of Buick City.

This view showing the drive train A.G.V.'s (automated guided vehicle) is facing (north) at the north-end first floor. The worker lowering the drive-train into place is Steven Davis. The light in the distance is from one of the truck dock doors. In 1972 this area was used for the engine line and coil spring and rear axle storage, the rail dock would have been off to the right but was filled in for Buick City. My department in 72-73 was at the left beyond the pillars. The racks extending over the yellow line at the right midway north was not correct but we did not have much space for storing parts. These racks contained the rotor Assembly's. I always hated working in this area. It was like playing a game. "Seeing if you could get in and out with parts before an A.G.V. would hit you".
Dave Yettaw was my first committee man and taught me well from the beginning. He was the person who started the NEW DIRECTIONS group that I supported .  The other two were UNITY & U & I.   When I hired in there was only the UNITY group.  That changed in 1981 with U & I  followed a few years later by the NEW DIRECTIONS group.  I still have a shirt somewhere. Dave would eventually become the local 599 President in later years. He passed away not that many years ago. Jim Yaklin was my second committee man. As I recall he was a good guy and restored old tractors. Jim took an appointed position at region 1. I never have liked appointed positions. "GIVE ME A VOTE".  Overtime issue story from Dave Yettaw. Another story from Yettaw times.  Yettaw loses presidency.

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