Sunday, March 9, 2008

Inside factory #36

Here you see a broach machine milling an engine block. The above photo is showing heads being milled on this same machine. Factory #36 is still operating this equipment in 2008. 

Department #1 rough case line.
Factory #36 lunch room.
Meeting area in the case department.
The Hot Test area.
The case department for the rough end.
Gen IV crank department.
The automatic stacker in the crib.
Title: Truman Olin at Buick Engine PlantCreator: unknownDescription: Ed Rollert, Chief Engineer for Buick Motor Division with Truman Olin of Brodhead, Wisconsin at the Buick Engine Plant in Flint, Michigan, Sept. 14, 1960. Date Original: 09-14-1960   

A new line going in at factory #36. I did not go in here more than a handful of times so I do not recognize the area.  Rollert 1960 

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Anonymous said...

I ran a broach in the head department from 1996-2004. I heard that the broach was made by the Cincinatti Broach company in the 1950s. According to what I heard the broach was made to machine v-8 heads and when Buick bought the V-6 tooling back from in the 1970s they were retrofitted.
The broach uses a long series of carbide cutters to shave off metal. This process is quicker that milling but cruder. We used to have a .004 limit on flatness variation. The broach could run one hundred and fifty parts in a good hour. Chris Balog