Friday, March 7, 2008

Buick North 1966 Overview

Building #38 was the Buick warehouse built in 1964. I used to go here with my switcher (Smitty) who retired in 1981. Engines were stored here. This is where Buick ends it's expansion north at Pierson rd. Factory #36 I also used to visit. Ground was broken for this new V8 engine plant in 1951 and started production of V8 engines in 1952, assembling motors for the 1953 model of which you could also order a Straight 8. Overlapping production of the old straight 8 took place in factory #11 which then became factory #31 when the old "Fireball" was finally retired. In the 1950's factory #10/bldg #20 was originally numbered 05. This was Buick's new transmission plant replacing old #40 at the south end of the complex. Factory #10 was built in 1942. Factory #05/bldg #43 was built in 1953 for doing military work, specifically a new jet engine for the government. After 1955 with the jet engine work done they then produced gears and other parts for the transmission and engine. Factory #03 the spring plant was originally factory #30 the brass and aluminum foundry built in 1918. Factory #70 was Buick's last gray iron foundry built in 1927 and would see it's last metal poured in 1981 and then becoming factory #81 building torque converters. Factory #27 built in 1917 for government work building the Liberty V12 engine and later used for export shipping was totally gone by 1932. Factories #31/#11, building #85, factory #12 and #29 plus the powerhouse #14 have been covered in previous posts.

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