Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leith Street Revisited Once Again.

The corner of Leith Street and Industrial Avenue during the winter of 1909 to 1910. Your looking north up Industrial with Leith Street off to the right, in front of factory #16 during construction. Industrial and Leith would be paved with brick in 1910. 

Leonard Thygesen took this photo on Saturday 2-25-2012. It has been rumored for a few years that Leith Street will once again be open for traffic. All that is left is the concrete barrier for the old guard shack. That concrete barrier would be located directly in the middle of the intersection of Industrial and Leith in the 1909 photo shown at the bottom.

The same view as below, only during demolition in July of 2011.

This is the same view as shown above & below looking east up Leith Street. Factory #29 (the second factory on the right) is still only a two story building, so this is before 1924. And factory #11 (the second factory) shown on the left, still has it's original south face, and single floor.

Facing east up Leith Street from Industrial Avenue in 2008.

Exact same view as shown below One hundred and one years later. That is the concrete barrier (in the foreground) shown in the photos at the top. Looks like I was only about 30 feet closer in my photo, than the one below.
This is a Thomas Wirt photo. Tom's Flickr site.
I drank many a 32oz. beer in the parking lot of the Tropicana. That is old factory #11 in the background.

Buick Powertrain North Site Demolition

Factory #29 Tool Factory.

Factory #16

Buick Personnel

Factory #12 Sheet Metal Plant

Industrial and Leith Over 100 Years

Factory #16 And Public Transportation

Leith Street Then And Now.

Leith st. 2008

Leith Street Revisited.

St. Johns Industrial Park Urban Renewal near Buick

Factory #12 2002 -2008

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