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Demolition Man 2011.

If anyone has any information on any of these unknown photos, taken during the demolition at the "Buick North Site" during 2011, PLEASE RESPOND. I did my best on identifying the photos that were taken outside, but on these inside ones I'm lost. Shawn Wharton photo.

People who know told me this is factory #05.

This is the only photo Shawn identified for me. He said this was facing north in factory #81. Gerry says: This factory became #81 in 1981. Before that it was the old Grey Iron foundry #70. Shawn Wharton photo.

Here were looking south with building #38 at the left. This is directly south of factory #05. Shawn Wharton photo.

The turnstile shown below can be seen in the right distance. Also the Family Deli and BBQ. I wish I had a dollar for all the semi trailer jack stands I moved at Buick in my life.

This is the turnstile facing Industrial Avenue with the factory #05 parking lot shown. You can see the Family Deli & BBQ in the far left distance on the corner of Industrial Avenue and Addison Street. Shawn Wharton photo.

This sign is on the south-east wall of factory #05 seen from Division street. Shawn Wharton photo.

Looking east towards factory #81 or old #70 in the far right distance. This is the south dock of factory #05. Shawn Wharton photo

This is the old #30 aluminum factory built in 1918. It became the spring plant #03 in 1963 after the demolition of old #03 forge south of Leith street. This is the south-end facing east. They left this skeleton standing for many years like this. Photo by Shawn Wharton.

Inside a locker room in old factory #31/#11This and the photo below are from Shawn Wharton. 
Click here to see the outside of this part of old #11.

I think that is Shawn Wharton on the right. I believe this is inside the old two story addition made to the south-end office area of old factory #11, located on Leith Street. The only other building I know of with that style of concrete pillar (north of Leith) was in the old aluminum factory #30 that became #03 spring forge in 1963. But it did not even have walls when this photo was taken. And they were still colored blue just as they had been in 1918. These are the Buick City colors on the pillars, which this part of the south-end of #31 (including the old office area) was controlled by Buick City factory #12. Always an exception to the rule. Everything north of Leith Street was known as "GM Powertrain Flint North. Buick City was all the buildings south of Leith Street.
Photo of the White Eagle bar that I took on July 22, 2011 and it was still open. I would say it was still open in the photo below also. It may still be open?

The White Eagle bar located at Tilden Street and Industrial Avenue. This is west of factory #05. I had some friends that really liked this bar, but I was not one of them. You could smell the urine all the way outside. My brother-in law once owned the old wooden phone booth from inside here. He had it in his recreation room. This photo is from Shawn Wharton.

This shows the location and direction of the photo below.

This photo facing west, from just south of the photo shown below, is showing part of "what I believe is part of the old 11-t engine test. This would have just been #31 north after World War II. If you look close after enlarging this photo, you can see the steeple of the Canaan Baptist church located at Industrial Avenue and Gillespie Avenue. Hint: It is seen through the open dock door in the center of this photo. A Shawn Wharton photo.

Looking south towards downtown Flint, Michigan, from just north of factory #31. You can see part of building #65 at the left and also the piles left from factory #31, which back in time were once factories #66, #31, #11-t and #11. This photo is from Shawn Wharton (One of the demolition workers).

Factory #31 2/28/04

Factory #31 Axle Line

Factory #31 Axle Line

Factory #31 Exhaust Pipe Bending

Factory #81/#70

Factory #70/#71a

Factory #70

Factory #70 POTS

Factory #70 Engine Block Pouring

Factory #01 Roof Trusses

Factory #31 Front Hub Assembly

Factory #31 1960's Axle Line

Factory #31 During Construction

Factory #11 1924

Factory #31 Originally Factory #11

Buick Engine Testing Building 11-T

Buick 1920

View I took from the opposite direction.

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