Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Local 599 Up For Auction.

Flint, Mich. – The UAW union hall that served Buick City union workers for more than 60 years is going on the auction block March 17.
Union officials say they decided to put the UAW 599 building up for action after a year of attempting to sell the 26-thousand-square-foot facility. They say it made sense to try and sell building the same day as they have its contents schedule for auction.
UAW local President Bill Jordan says there had been interest in the building from two potential buyers, but neither were able to secure financing. The sales price of the building was listed at $600,000.
During the auction, Jordan said, there will be a minimum bid on the building.
"If no one reaches the minimum bid," Jordan said, "we will hold on to the building and lease out the space."
The auction is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. March 17 at the UAW 599 building at Leith and North streets. The morning will begin with the sale of the building's contents.
"The contents will include everything from office furniture, to chairs, to kitchen utensils and a grill," said Jordan. "We will even be selling UAW memorabilia like Walter Reuther medallions."
Jordan says the preliminary plan is to begin the building auction immediately after the contents are sold.
The building will be open for bidders to look through around 9 o'clock that morning.
Jordan notes that UAW 599 had more than 29-thousand members at its peak and now has less then 500 members.
"It's time we look for a smaller space," he said. This story is by: Cathy Shafran Links:

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