Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roof Views 2003.

Here is almost the identical photo shown in the previous post, looking towards downtown Flint, only this is taken from the roof of factory #31/#11 in 2003. Buick City used to fill this scene.

The red arrow in this (north) view, taken from the roof of factory #31, which before World War II was the roof of the remodeled office of factory #11, shows where the photographer would be standing on the roof of factory #05, facing this direction, shown in the previous post. These photos are from Don Bents book "The History Of Factory 31. You really need to enlarge these photos for the full impact. You can super enlarge just about any photo on this blog for viewing small details. The way this is done is a little different depending on which browser is used.

Factory #31 Originally Factory #11

Buick 1920

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