Monday, February 13, 2012

Buick Personnel 2012

A West view from the corner of North and Leith Street shortly after completion. Photo from Don Bent's book: A Place called Buick.

Building #18 Personnel also housed the main medical and fire department. After the Pinkerton security took over from Buick plant security, they also were based here. Facing south-west. Photo from Don Bent's book: A Place called Buick.

New personnel building being built in 1973. This view is facing north west. Photo from Don Bent's book: A Place called Buick.

February 17, 2012.

This is a new update from Leonard. February 16,2012.

Leonard Thygesen sent this photo today of #18, the personnel building, falling to the continuing demolition at Buick. Were down to the last building. R.I.P. This view is facing south across Leith Street. Leonard said: 2-13-12 this morning.

Buick Personnel

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David Lyle Strong said...

My father was Lyle A. Strong was a Buick supervisor in plant layout industrial engineering. He took an important integral part in the design of the personnel building. He told me it was designed to look very much like the main office which was built in about 1968.