Friday, February 1, 2008

Buick City Bridge #43

This south west view overlooking #02/#40/#04 shows bridge #43. I walked this one time and that was enough to last a lifetime. Some people used this route to sneak past the white shirts after their lunch, "if you know what I mean"? I would rather be hassled by the man than die in that tunnel. You can also see the rail line passing near the south east corner of 12c at the lower right. This is the spot where my relief man was found after the train drug him from just outside #04 rail dock back in 1975. My friend Kip Davis found him but he died later at Hurley hospital. Nobody dies on G.M. property because your family gets double indemnity insurance so your always pronounced dead at the hospital even when your squished flat. Now I'm not saying this was the case here because Kip told me he was still alive when he found him. The point of view of the insurance company is your not dead until the attending physician at the hospital pronounces your dead.

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