Saturday, February 2, 2008

Factory #17-b and #17 Training School WWII

One of many graduates of the Army Air Force Technical Training school at Buick. This photo is in front of the I.M.A. auditorium in down-town Flint, Michigan.
In front of the main office o Hamilton Avenue.

W.F. Hufstader, the general sales manager at Buick became the dean of the school. Fifty students a week took this eleven week training coarse. Graduation day was always on Saturday and after 2,700 completed this, the school was disbanded. Notice the subtle holding of hands at center. 

This view of 17-b on the left built either just before or during the war was built attached to both #28 to the west and #17 built in 1919 to the east but both were always considered just #17. This photo is looking north east.  Training in Flint 1917.

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