Friday, February 1, 2008

Factory #94 Inside First Floor

This view of factory #94 is facing west on the final pass line. If you look close you can see the ramp from the second floor just above the white Buick. The old timer that sat at the desk at the bottom of that ramp had the final say on letting your car pass or go back up stairs. He was a real piece of work that you would call a true "RED NECK". If you had long hair, (which I did) you would constantly hear "H'eh good lookin' " or "sweety" "honey baby" you get the picture. This was what many Buick people were really like back in the early 70's, not the way they're portrayed in numerous publications as being almost saint like hard workin' good old boys. One incident in particular will always stick in my mind. I was working the chassis line in factory #04 (day shift) at the time. In order to get to my job. I had to run the gauntlet through the repair floor at the south-end. At that time I had very long hair and always wore my fringe jacket. One repairman waited every day to get the cat-calls going. I knew this man very well. He was my fathers best friend and I had played with his children in the 50's and early 60's. I had not seen him since my father passed away, so he did not recognize me now as a dirty long-hair. As fate would have it, my brother invited him to his wedding and when he saw me, 'his jaw hit the floor'. After that he would call me over for a chat instead of tormenting me. He really protected me after that. And actually was a "Good Old Boy". I wonder if my own father would have been like that?

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