Sunday, February 10, 2008

Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1913

Full Panorama 1913.                                                                                                                                          

Looking north up Industrial from Hamilton.

This view of the #4 Oak Park fire station is taken from the south west. Just across Industrial avenue you can see Buick factory #4 the old W.F. Stewart plant.
This is just another view of #4 station showing the last two fire horses in Flint in 1916. Last horse drawn fire wagon in Michigan was in 1922. Read the story below called the Passing of the horse.

THE PASSING OF THE HORSE. Original link for this story.

At the center is the W.F.Stewart body factory,at this time Buick #4. Next to #4 at the left is the Buick garage, bldg #08. Directly south on Industrial in the distance is the original A.C. spark plug factory. The building at center right with the steeple is the Oak Park fire department. Just right of the fire station are the horse stables. At the extreme left is a small portion of the Weston-Mott office and beyond that in the distance is the first Buick office on Hamilton. This photo was taken from the roof of the Industrial Bank located on the north west corner of the intersection of Industrial ave & Hamilton ave.   

This advertisement from the Civics and Commerce (shown above) just about says it all concerning the future of the horse.  

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