Friday, February 1, 2008

Inside Bridge #23

This view inside bridge #23 is looking down to the entrance onto the second floor of factory #94 facing east. The light you see shining on the floor at the left is an opening to the new car transport bridge #43 built during 1974. I still have a piece of re-bar from bridge #23 as a souvenir. This bridge was not to be used for wheeled traffic at this time. Before the bridge #43 delivery system, the finished cars were driven over to #94 for the final checks (water leaks & such) then some repair before being shipped. We used to fly over this thing like the "Dukes Of Hazard". One day I was leaving work on a Friday over this bridge for a long weekend and in this exact spot I found an ounce of marijuana, including a full pack of rolling papers. 'Now I couldn't very well turn it into lost & found could I' ?

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