Monday, February 4, 2008

Factory #28 Buick On The Roof 1952

This view from the roof of factory #28 is facing northwest with factory #40 in the distance. This is a Buick Special or also known as the Buick Standard. The photographer is setting up his shot using a reflective board. In the left foreground you can see the ramps used to put the Buick on the turntable.


Anonymous said...

The 1952 Buick Special was NEVER known as the Buick Standard!

Gerry Godin said...

Here is a quot from "Seventy Years Of Buick by:George Dammann. "The Special Series was again divided into two sub-series, the Special and the Special Deluxe. However, the Special sub-series,sometimes called the Standard Special, was phased out after only a few months. Actually, there was very little difference this year between the two sub-series.; and on the exterior both were identical except that the deluxe models had a one piece windshield like the other Buick's, while the Standard Specials continued to use the old two-piece split windshield. Also, the Deluxe models had a chrome molding running the length of the rocker panels, while the Standard models did not. the Standard Special Sedan, Model 41, in plain form sold for $2,209 and weighed 3,650 pounds. Only 137 were built before the style was phased out for good.