Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Michigan Motor Castings Company

Inside the original plant as shown farther below. This photo is from the Buick Research Gallery.

Michigan Motor Casting seen it's last year during 1916. The original MMC. foundry operated as it's own division since being purchased in 1909 by the newly formed General Motors and Buick. G.M. owning 1/3 while Buick owned 2/3. The new foundry #20 was built during 1916 on Leith Street. This old foundry was taken over by the Weston-Mott axle operations.

This is inside Michigan Motor Casting which was located on Industrial Avenue, just north of the Weston-Mott axle factory.


The same area as shown below only viewed from Industrial Avenue facing south-east.

June 1909.

This is a view of the factory from the north-east. This is where factory #04 would be built in 1947. The addition in the foreground was built in 1909. Another addition was erected at the same time on the south-end of the factory and was used as the axle machine shop. The center section shown here (with saw tooth roof) which was the location of the original Michigan Motor Casting plant was demolished and rebuilt in 1917 and was then called factory #38. This would be the Oak Park entrance in my time at the right. This entrance was open to vehicle traffic well into the 70's even after factory #04 was built here. Factory #04's second and third floor spanned this open area until more floor space for a new motor line was needed.

Model 17 cylinder casting 1910.

Top photo is from a book of Flint factories, this view is from across Industrial Ave facing north east. The two bottom photos are showing the casting of parts in Michigan Motor Casting Co. This factory was built in 1908 and sold to Buick and General Motors in 1909 and continued working as a separate division of General Motors until July 1, 1916 according to a history of Genesee county, from 1916.


Factory #38 Axle Machine Shop + Hamady Store

Factory #20 The Buick Foundry                                                                                                              1917.

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