Friday, February 22, 2008

Factory #03/bldg #30

Here is #03/#30 during the winter. Division street is just beyond the gate. This view is facing north east.

This model of the factory is at the Buick Research Gallery in Flint.
This view (from Google Satellite) shows the skeletal remains of factory #30 in the center,this view is facing directly south with the foundry, factory #70 beyond. Factory #30 became factory #03/bldg #30 after the old drop forge #03 was demolished in 1963, and supplied coil springs for the assembly plant since 1936 when the Armstrong spring plant finally closed. The building in the foreground is all that was saved from this factory to become the Cultural and Diversity Center for the G.M.Powertrain north site.
This shows aluminum being salvaged. This work was done in the building shown above.

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