Thursday, March 27, 2008

Steel Yard

This photo from the Buick Research Gallery is labeled as "Lumber Yard" when it is obviously the steel yard.

Looking directly east as a load of steel is either loaded or unloaded. That is the main power plant #14 visible at the left and the water towers north of factory #02 at the right. Division st. is just behind the gondola car. As you can see this photo from the Buick Research Gallery was labeled "unidentified". Now it has been identified.

Looking directly south toward the forge plant #03. This is a great photo of the entire steel yard and gantry.

I'm not sure of the construction going on here. The steel yard or the pickling room getting some work done? This view is facing east with factory #02 in the background.

Same view as below only the Pickling building #64 has now been built.

This south west view of the forge plant #03 shows the south end of the steel yard plus rail cars full of steel.

This view from the steel yard was taken after 1923 due to the fact that factory #11 shown in the distance has been remodeled. The overhead bridge #20 at left brought engines to final assembly. The bridge at the right in the distance carried engine block cores from factory #20 foundry over Division street. I hope the electricity to that large magnet doesn't get interrupted.

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