Monday, January 28, 2008

20 Years At Buick

Here I’m getting congratulated for reaching 20 years seniority. I look a little out of sorts so I probably had a few drinks in me, which would explain me shaking hands with one of the worst supervisor’s I ever had. If I had a top three worst list he would make that list. Ted Flint's prior occupation before Buick management was as a tour bus driver for Blue Lakes Charter, taking senior citizens to Cedar Point. That is the type of supervisors we would have in the waning years. We were deliberately setup to fail around 1990 for some reason. It was shortly after the joint venture at the Numi plant in California with the south Korean's. If someone ever follows the money trail they will no doubt figure it out. I never have believed in Lloyd Ruess and his publicly stated reason.  LINKS: 

Part Delivery printout Factory #12 1925 Thru 2002

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