Monday, January 21, 2008

Emmanuel Godin "Mannie"

Here's a closeup of my father known as "Mannie" at Buick. The job he did there at this time 1950 (I was not born yet) I think was a relief-man but not sure. I first remember him working in the paint department factory #11 3rd floor factory #04 where I would also work in 1975. When I toured Buick around 1960 he was a relief-man on the second floor of factory #40 my home away from home in later years. He worked roll test during the period of the bad Buick brakes. He was an over the road test driver before he got sick with cancer. His 8 hr. day consisted of himself and another driver leaving Buick and driving north usually to the Straits of Mackinaw and back and keeping notes on a clip board. Towards the end of his time at Buick he had to just show up for an 8 hr  shift per year to keep his medical insurance active. But he was so well liked they would not make him stay and work and he just needed to ring in his time card. At the end they presented him with his 25 year clock (which I have) even though he only had 20 years on the job. I remember him coming home and telling about the strange car that came down the line with guns and silver dollars as I recall (see below).   The bad brakes trying for redemption here in 1958

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