Monday, January 28, 2008

Lisa & Me

This is Lisa and I. She was the best boss I ever had at Buick. I was an extra man back then in the '90s. I knew every job in the materials department and that was the problem. Some higher ups in our group had some old scores to settle with me so I was pretty open to be jerked around. When anybody needed a body to fill a job they always called for me first and Lisa was wise to this. She wanted me in my own department covering anything she needed done. What she would do is when the call's went out over the radio for help she would ignore them because she knew the game. She would say she hadn't checked all her manpower yet and would get back to them later, hopefully after they had found another to fill the job. She could not always protect me but she did a pretty good job. She told me when she quit G.M. that she could no longer treat people the way they were demanding her to do, so she left for Florida and got married. There was no shortage of regular workers becoming supervisors. The older ones were usually the best and they understood how things really worked  because they came up through the ranks.  If upper management and workers had spent just a little more time doing there real jobs instead of settling old scores our children would still be building Buick's in Flint.

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