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Main Office Building First & Second

Closeup facing east at the billboard next to the first main office. This was the Buick slogan in 1916. I cant make out the date on the top of the billboard because of the tree branch.

Charles W. Nash in the original Buick office. He was acting President from 12/13/1910 to 2/16/1911. Nash would become President of General Motors in December of 1912.

The first Buick office. The Presidents office was located on the second floor southwest corner the same as the building which replaced this. Charles M. Begole was president when this photo was taken. These cars were not all Buick's this was a road rally gathering on Hamilton ave.

Harry Hoxie Bassett was General Manager of Weston-Mott when this photo was taken.

December 1916.

Harry Bassett is left of center in the front row.

December 1916.

August 30, 1917. Original link.

March 1917 and the fence is up for the main office construction.  
This and the following show this spot as a popular place for taking a photo. Right in front of the Buick office on Hamilton Avenue. 

Link: Army Air Force Training School

The President and General manager at this time (1923) was Harry H. Bassett who died while in office. This office is located on the second floor southwest corner.

Second floor reception area facing northeast towards the elevators. This building had a built-in vacuum system for the huge rugs, washed air ventilation, drinking fountains, marble washrooms, telegraph and telephone exchange. Messages are sent throughout the building with pneumatic tubes.

Notice the Liberty engine on display, this view facing southwest inside main lobby.

August 25, 1927 in front of the Buick main office in Flint on Hamilton Avenue


Buick main office 1968.

Above and below 1956. 


Demolition of the second Buick main office on Hamilton Avenue in late 1968. This view facing north east showing body receiving behind the crane. Shown above is shortly before the demolition judging by the two new 1969 Buick's on Division Street. This also shows good detail of the addition made in the past to the east end of the office.


Buick's Second Main Office.


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