Saturday, January 26, 2008

Buick Model 1960

This model I wanted to show because I thought it was pretty cool. You can see it at the Buick Research Gallery in Flint.

This model from 1960 shows an extension to the main office, which only lasted until 1968. The two bridges connecting factory #04 to #40 shows they were planning ahead to the Riviera for 1963. You will notice the long bridge going over building #16, #40 all the way to old #40 where the Riviera would first be built. This bridge would carry front end parts from the paint shop (factory #11) 3rd floor #04 to final assembly in old #40. The lower part of the bridge was for wheeled traffic plus front end parts going to new #40. The far bridge was also for wheeled vehicles plus for carrying the frames for the big cars up and over from the frame loading room attached to new #40's west wall.

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