Saturday, January 26, 2008

Factory #04 1960 Chassis Line Construction

This is the same view as shown below. I worked many jobs in this area. This would also be the first place I would work as a material handler. I still have my parts booklet from this area after all these years. The final pass line was located near the windows shown at the left. Excuse the Mylar refection on this Buick Research Gallery photo. I was just snap shooting as I went through their collection. There good enough for my research, but not much else. If you want good quality photos, go to the Buick Research Gallery in Flint and get photo copy's for $10.00 and archival prints for $20.00.

This photo shows the progress done to the new "monorail" assembly line for the big cars, which will be built on two lines instead of one. All this work was getting ready for the 1961 model year and the new Skylark "unit body" to be built next door in factory #40 building #16. This view facing north at what would be zone #3 when I worked there in 1975. In the distance just above the blueprint being held is #04 north elevator. This elevator would be removed for Buick City when we got a new hydraulic one farther to the south along the east wall. The pallet lift at this time was out on #04 rail dock. That was rebuilt for Buick City against the north west wall, plus a new one at the south end of the building.

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