Saturday, January 26, 2008

Building #16 factory #40 1945

A full view of the area shown farther below. The description is shown below. Excuse the mylar refection, this is an archive print. 1945 car output.

This view from 1945 shows building #16, the new factory #40 being built. The photo was taken from the Buick main office, facing north. Old factory #06 is gone but factory #01 is still visible at the left. You can see old factory #07, designated #62 at this time, becoming the west wall of the new factory #40. Before Buick City, 1985,  the south dock here was known as 16 south and the north dock as 16 north with the rail dock as 16 rail. This was a very busy place over the years. Photos from the Buick research Gallery in Flint, Michigan. 

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